A Laser Cutting Machine

One of the biggest advantages of laser cutting machines is that they are not specialized for any specific designs, but instead, have two axis controls with a variable power laser head. The moment a laser cutter is finished cutting a shape, it can start with another completely different shape. The high powered laser cutting machines are great for projects of all sizes. We will be happy to discuss our technologies with you if you browse our products. Linen, cotton, silk, leather and faux leather can be cut with a laser cutting machine.

acrylic laser cutter

XTool D1 can engrave at 100mm/s, 50mm/s and 80mm/s. It’s possible to make your home look better, or even become the next best selling product for your online business. The kerf sizes are listed in the function of the thickness.

While acrylic is a generic name, the quality of acrylic greatly varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The name acrylic specifically relates to the polymer used, but it doesn’t include additives that help provide additional features to the acrylic. For example, additives can be used to strengthen bonds between molecules, and this can help create impact-resistant acrylics. Stabilizers can also be added to acrylic to help improve its resistance to extreme environments including UV exposure and long-term heat. Interestingly, the brand Plexiglass was developed in 1933 where German researchers were trying to develop safety glass.

There Are Different Types Of Laser Cut

All of our laser cut acrylic is available in any quantity, whether it’s a one off part or ten thousand for a production run. The standard model is a laser engraving and cutting machine. The Z axis clearance of 33″ and high power 90w laser tube make this a powerful resource for products that need a more portable system. Most of your needs can be met by this laser engraving and cutting machine. Our CO2 laser machines can help reduce errors and delays in production.

Which Work Will Be Done With A Laser?

This is a very popular material for cutting and engraving. You can choose between cast and extruded acrylic when you are cutting it with a laser. The R series of CO2 laser cutter are ideal for cutting wood and textiles. Lasers of the R series are the perfect basic machines for beginners. You need a laser that emits beams that can be absorbed by the transparent material to cut clear acrylic. A CO2 laser cutter is a good option for this purpose.

Most lasers under $1,000 can only cut 5mm black or colored. You can buy a CO2 laser in the 40 to 50W range for about $2300, with a generous work area that can cut 6mm clear acrylic. You can buy 80w CO2 laser acrylic cutter lasers for $3500. The only things that can be cut with the snapmaker are black or colored acrylic. I cut a rhino puzzle out of 3mm thick black acrylic during a test.

When the power is greater, the cut surface becomes more rounded and the speed is slower. The thickness of the machine and the cutting board material must still be taken into account. The quality of the plastic will affect the performance in many ways, such as lower impact resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance.

The corner is where efforts get concentrated and sharp angles are a weak point. Adding a hole at the corner of each angle is a solution to this issue. The stress can be distributed across the whole surface of the hole, instead of just one point. It is recommended to first prime the piece and then spray paint the parts.

If you want to learn more about the features you can add to the machine, look at it. We will adapt our equipment to fit your needs as well as guarantee the quality of your output to keep costs down. You can achieve amazing results with the advanced technology of the laser cutting machine. We have experience in engraving and etching.

A 30 or 40 watt Epilog system can cut through up to one quarter inch of acrylic. You can increase the thickness you can work with as you increase in wattage. You can use either a 50 or 60 watt machine or a 75 or 120 watt system to cut through acrylic. The best thing about the machine is that it can create a 3D model of an object. This feature is not available in other desktop machines.


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